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Late birthday cakes

Both from Luxe A-List Desserts. Thanks, mum! <3

Oh, Japanese food. I crave.

Spiral pasta with tuna, mushroom & spinach 👍 #latelunch #saturday #familydate (at B.I.H.O.N. Noodle Bar)

Munching some melon slices while reading! Oooohh, this is why I love being home on weekends..

Starbucks date with roomies! Cheers to the effin’ weekend! 👍😊

Definitely the best way of stressing out for me is having a coffee date with myself.. Oohh ☕👌☺ #foreveralone? Lol

Having a hunch of Christmas in a #Starbucks Holiday featured beverage, Toffee Nut Latte Frappuccino! Tastes perff!

Frappe date with le boyfie!

A banana walnut kruffin to satisfy my craving! #instafood #krispykreme

California maki for my Saturday afternoon.


Strawberry Margarita <3

Taken: July 27, 2011; Cofiacad

Awww I miss night-outs </3


Starbucks’ Cinnamon Swirl




OMG :((


(via deanmnlnsn-deactivated20130214)


Ate Krista’s wedding cake <333

042112: Korean Shabu-Shabu! /late post

It was my dad’s birthday and we were about to have dinner on our favorite restaurant. On our way, we passed by several Korean restaurants that made me suggest to my dad that we switch to plan B since my siblings haven’t tried Korean dining.

Samgyeopsal! *u* 

We asked for the waitress to grill these sliced pork sides for us ‘cos my dad said my siblings would go scruffy over the grilling and would cause another cat-and-mouse story. Too sad they still weren’t able to experience the real Korean shabu-shabu. Bahaha. 

And the kimchi, of course. One of my favorite side dishes..

Another side dish! I do not know what was this but according to my taste buds, it was a somewhat mixture of egg and milk. It tasted good, though.

Beef bulgogi noodles.

It was my second time to try Korean Shabu-shabu. My first try was with my cousins at Ilmi, another restaurant at Friendship Hiway and the next one was this (I didn’t know the name of the restaurant because it was written in Korean ha ha).

Somehow, I could say that I’m really in love with Korean foods and should try on other places that offer good Korean dishes. Well, Mr. Ramyun and J & O Sandwich Cafe are just few steps away from my dormitory, so yes!

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